Leisure Riding with Tannus


You're in the mood to get outside and cruise around. The weather is beautiful and nothing would be more perfect than a quick ride down to the park. You go to the garage and remember your tire is still flat. Just like that your perfect plan is dead. We've all been there and with the introduction of Tannus tires you'll never have to deal with a flat again.

Tannus tires are an airless tire so it's impossible for them to go flat. However, even though they are solid they still ride like a regular tire. They are made of a patented lightweight material similar to the bottom of your running shoes. The material is lightweight, durable and guaranteed to go 5,000 miles. That's like riding across the US and back again. They come in multiple sizes, psi equivalents and 12 color options. Thanks to Tannus the days of flat tires can be long gone so nothing will stand in the way of you and your next adventure.

  • • Never get punctures again
  • • Enjoy peace of mind on rides
  • • Try new routes with confidence
  • • Cycle all year round
  • • Leave tools and tubes at home
  • • Ride in any weather conditions
  • • Fit Tannus Tires to your e-bike
  • • Enjoy 5000 miles of worry-free riding