Tannus Press Kit

Tannus Press Release

Tannus Tires, premiere manufacturer of airless tires, debuted two new flat-proof options at Eurobike 2017; the 26x2.0, which was specifically designed for e-bikes and bike share markets, and the highly anticipated 700x25c road tire. After the initial unveiling at the Taipei International Cycle Show, Tannus has seen increased interest from bike share companies throughout the world because of Tannus commitment to usability. Their products fit on standard clincher rims and come in a dozen different colors which have opened up new tire markets. These tires have been developed to keep up with the ever-changing demands of athletes, commuters, and cyclists across multiple disciplines and throughout the world.

European director Jazz Walia shares that these tires have been in development for over 2 years and are the culmination of the company’s painstaking  efforts in engineering. The new models have been extensively tested because Tannus didn’t want anything released until they were absolutely confident with their composition. “In terms of comfort and speed”, he says,“ these are our best airless tires to date. This may be one reason Alton Bicycles has equipped their e-bikes with Tannus and plans on doubling their US sales goals next year”.

North American director Dave Ballard conveys that the new 26x2.0 tire will revolutionize bike sharing programs everywhere because they’re lightweight and are built to handle the everyday abuse that share bikes endure. He mentions,”e-bikes are known for being heavy and intimidating to their riders, which is understandable, but these tires are so lightweight that most riders remain unaware they are riding a solid tire. These tires will truly solve the flat tire question for millions of riders.”

Ryan Cook, director of Tannus North America and avid product tester, adds, “I’ve ridden the new 700x25c tires well over one-thousand miles and  they handle exceptionally well, even better than many pneumatic tires.  I have been using these tires to train and then switching to pneumatic tires to race and I’m placing among the top three in races where I have never been among the top ten! The new model  allows me to train longer and ride harder, without any noticeable difference from  my pneumatic tires. These tires are by far the best flat free tires I have ridden and I’ve tried them all.”

With Tannus’ Five Thousand Mile Flat-Free Guarantee and feather light composition, these tires not only prevent flats but remove any possibility of flats so that people can spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about flats or changing tubes. With the introduction of the two new models, Tannus adds even more diversity to their already exceptional line-up.