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My Tannus tires feel slower than normal tires?

Well, that’s because they are. We tell people that there is about 3-8% greater rolling resistance over your “average” tire. Think about it this way: if we were just as fast as your average tire, there would be literally no reason for our tires to not be on every bike on the market. Well… We’re working on that.

One thing to consider is that there is a BREAK IN PERIOD. Like a good mattress, it takes about 50-70 miles to wear off the polymer that is used to break the tires out of the mold during manufacturing. It’s crazy, when you feel the tires in the box they have a “plasticy” feel, but once you wear them in they feel like a normal tire! If you want us to describe how this feels, call us up and ask for Dave and he’ll give you a very accurate description. Or go run your finger down the spine of a bald eagle; while not legal it does feel the same.

Are Tannus Tires hard to install? How long does it take?

Depends, are you a softy? No, they just take a little time. You should bank on 20-40 minutes per tire depending on the size of the tire. The wider tires are harder to install but they aren’t impossible. Here’s a couple tips to make it easier:

  • Make sure the tire is warm. We’re based out of here in Utah and I tried installing one on the ski slopes and it was terrible.

  • Have a second person on hand to help stretch the tire around the rim.

  • Stretch the tire out before hand. You can stretch it out as much as you want to and you won’t over-stretch it. Makes for a great bicep workout as well.

  • Inflate your old tube and then using something sharp pop the tube to remind you how much you hate having tubes.

  • When installing the tire you’ll notice that sometimes the bead of the tire has to be pushed down into the rim. If you push the tire material into the rim first then push the pins in it makes it significantly easier.

Do Tannus tires weigh more than my regular tires?

Depending on what tire you’re comparing to Tannus, Tannus averages about 2g more than the regular road RACE tire/tube combo. 2g is .004 pounds, which is about a sunflower seed, or if your in CO/CA/WA/OR, it’s about $5.

How long will Tannus Tires last? What would decrease their longevity?

We guarantee them to 5000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first. We’ve had customers run them all the way to 10,000 miles. We just tell you to stop riding them when you see sparks. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

We recommend that people over 200 pounds ride the hard durometer. You can totally ride the regular compound for a smoother ride, but you may start seeing a flat spot around 2500-3000 miles.

Why do the Tannus Tires have a PSI rating?

Tannus Tires have a PSI rating for three reasons:

1. PSI stands for Pressure per Square Inch. *Sciency stuff* and this is the ride equivalent to a tire with that much PSI.

2. Road bikers like to ride their tires at a certain PSI. This way, if a road biker likes the PSI of a normal tire at 110 PSI, then they would go with the regular compound.

3. While we say Soft, Regular, and Hard, it's harder to comprehend how these tires feel through a website so PSI helps you get an understanding of what pressure your buying.

What are Tannus Tires made of?

Have you ever heard of Cloud-Jello? Yeah, we haven't either.

It's called Aither, and it was designed by the same engineers who designed the soles for your favorite running shoes. Using a very similar material they were able to design a tire that looks, rides, and feels the same as a normal road bike tire.

What are the differences between the different tires?

There are 5 different tread styles. In order of tread depth from least to most: The Slick -> New Slick -> Semi-Slick -> Shield -> Razorblade -> Mini-Velo

Here are the closest comparisons we could come up with for each tire:

Slick: No tread whatsoever. Comparable to a Michelin Pro 4, Vittoria Corsa.

New Slick: Slight tread with no corner edge for better cornering. Comparable to a Continental Gatorskin or Schwalbe Pro One.

Semi-Slick: Slight tread pattern with slight edge for better tracking. Comparable to a Specialized Armadillo.

Shield: Low tread pattern, but enough to ride light dirt paths. Comparable to a Continental Tour/Tour Plus.

Razorblade: Low tread pattern with several grooves providing for best all-around road/dirt riding. Comparable to a Kenda Qwick.

Mini-Velo: SMALL SIZES ONLY: Essentially the same as the shield.

Do Tannus tires have problems with heat?

There is no difference in heat with Tannus tires over a normal tire. Think about the last time your high end running shoes melted on you? If that's happened, you probably sat with your shoes in the fire for too long. So maybe we should be clearer, please keep Tannus out of the fireplace. 

Can I use Tannus tires on a trainer?

No, Tannus tires are not for use on a trainer. Use only trainer specific tires for a trainer.

What tips do we have for getting the pins into the tire?

Push the pins in part way with your fingers then use the P tool provided to push them in completely

What happens if the holes are blocked?

Occasionally this happens during the manufacturing but won't hurt the tires at all, push them in using the P tool.

Once the tire is around the rim, what is the best next step to take?

Start putting the pins in on one side of the rim and get one side completely in then go to the other side and put the ones in on that side that aren't secure.

How can I be sure the pin is seated properly?

You should not see any exposed pins if you pull up on the tire

Two pins fit into the rim, one was slightly loose, and the other was a tight fit. Which should I use?

Always go with the tight pins.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at 385-227-5393 or fill out the form below: