Training with Tannus


Tannus Airless Tires are your perfect training partner for road racing. Baseball players add weight to their bats to increase power. Runners add weights to their ankles to improve their times. Adding Tannus Airless Tires will increase your rolling resistance by 3-5% and help build your strength while riding. In addition to this you can train without every having to worry about getting a flat or pumping up your tire before you leave. Imagine not having to mess with pumping up tires or having to call a friend for a ride when you get a flat.

One of our Tannus Athletes Ryan C. an amateur road racer used Tannus to train for 204 the mile race Lotoja, the longest sanctioned road race in the USA. Our Athlete did 100% of his training on Tannus, and put in 1000's of miles to prepare for Lotoja. As part of his training for Lotoja he competed in other races, for these races he would switch to favorite race tire, Grand Prix 4000s by Continental and he noticed a dramatic difference in his speed and power. Come race day Ryan did amazing and broke away from his group for 50 miles and was set to take 1st place when he got a flat... No we're not making this up, he literally got a flat riding his continental tires. While fixing his flat his Co2 pump broke on him and he had to wait for his support to bring him a pump. He still managed to get 8th place for his division and shave off 28 minutes off his previous Lotoja record.

Training on Tannus works because after an initial break-in period of 40-50 miles, you won't really notice a difference with Tannus Airless Tires. However when you switch back to pneumatic tires you will notice a difference in speed, just like runners do when they take off the ankle weights. Train smarter, train harder using Tannus Tires. Check out our tire finder today and find the tires for your bike. Use the code TRAINONTANNUS to get 10% off.

  • • Never get punctures again
  • • Train longer distances
  • • Spend more hours on the road
  • • Train in all weather conditions
  • • Waste less time prepping your bike
  • • Leave tools and tubes at home
  • • Only carry the essentials
  • • Enjoy 5000 miles of worry-free training
New Slick
SLICK - $80
SEMI-SLICK - $60-80
20x1 1/8 (28-451)

Tannus Tire & Mavic Wheel Combo


Tannus Tire & EVO Wheel Combo