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Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding.


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Tannus Armour Testimonials

Ryan "R-DOG" Howard

Holy S***, these things are amazing! Super rocky tracks and snappy berms and they’ve already saved me so many times. I’m sold on the tire inserts. At a recent race my friends got so many flats and I didn’t get any!!! 

Luca Cometti

The added suspension damping is the best I have experienced out of any tire insert and is a noticeable difference on all trails. It is also the easiest tire insert to put on--I can install my downhill tires without any levers and it generally takes me less than 5 minutes.

Reece Wallace

My hands have been thanking the inserts vibration damping as bike park can rattle them numb. Also a big relief to not sweat pinch flats anymore.

Kelend Hawks

Lap one was unreal -- so much traction. My first run I was running 10 psi front and rear but it was a little too slow off jumps so I went up to 20 in the rear and they feel crazy good.

Jaxon Riddle

I'm not worried about destroying my wheels because these things make impacts softer.

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