TPU inner tubes made their way into the inner tube market the last 10 years, and they have won over many riders quite quickly. Known for being lightweight, TPU has become a preferred inner tube option, for bikers keen on performance such as rolling resistance, acceleration, and weight.


What exactly is TPU?

TPU - thermoplastic polyurethane has been developed first by BF Goodrich (Today Lubrizol) in 1959. It serves today as base material for e.g. high end bicycle tubes. Dubied inner tubes, which are made in Germany using High grade TPU, a patented welding process and patented valve.

What advantages does Dubied TPU inner tubes offer?

TPU tubes are extremely light, yet highly puncture resistant. The low rolling resistance offers high performance and speed. TPU retains its shape and ensures best riding characteristics on all bicycles, even at low air pressures, its dimensional stability makes it easy to install.

Does Dubied TPU inner tubes offer advantages over tubeless systems?

Tubeless tires are, nowadays, available for many categories. However, some cyclists prefer using a tube over tubeless as their preferred option. Also, certain wheel types are not suitable for tubeless in this case Dubied TPU inner tubes are a high-end alternative to traditional butyl bicycle tubes. The technical standards are on par to tubeless systems.

Which tire sizes are Dubied TPU inner tubes available?

Dubied TPU inner tubes are available for all common tire sizes for: Road and Off-Road.

Which categories Dubied TPU inner tubes can be used for?

Dubied TPU inner tubes are available in the Road and Off-Road.

Are there tolerances of or deviations from the given weight?

TPU is a flexible material and is subject to limited tolerances (as opposed to solids such as metal). Although we apply state-of-the art manufacturing and tight control procedures, the weight can deviate by +/- 5%.

Are Dubied TPU inner tubes recyclable?

Yes, Dubied TPU inner tubes are 100% recyclable, as they are completely made of a thermoplastic polyurethane and a metal valve stem. This makes the recycling process easy applicable, the recycled tubes enter a second life cycle as sealing or insulation material.

Do extreme temperatures affect Dubied TPU inner tubes?

TPU is extremely temperature stable. The material can withstand both high temperatures of up to +100°C and cold temperatures down to -50°C without any problems.