Dubied Endurance Ultra TPU Tube 700 x 25-35c

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The Dubied Road is perfect for cyclists who want the best of both worlds - a super lightweight tube that's still durable and long lasting. This tube is made from premium TPU material, with a 40mm or 70mm valve length and metal valve stem.

The removable valve core means you can easily change out the valve if needed or use valve extenders to fit your rim height.

The Dubied Road fits tire size 700x28-35c and only weighs from 27g - making it one of the lightest tubes on the market! 100% recyclable too, so you can feel good about your purchase. 

• Size: 700x28-35c
• Weight: 40mm valve 27g; 70mm valve 29g

• Valve Alloy: 40mm and 70mm
• Removable valve core
• 100% recyclable
• Material TPU