Tannus Portal

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 Diameter Widths Rim Width ETRTO
700 28 18-20mm ---


  • Includes 3 sets of locking installation pins and a S-Tool

Just as with all the Tannus tires, the Portal is made using patented puncture proof resin called Aither 1.1 that allows the Portal design to replicate the weight and resistance of a standard tire and be the only airless bicycle tire to weigh the same as the standard tire, tube, and rim strip combination adopted by many road riders. In addition to the minimal weight and resistance, the Portal repels the elements and provides a guaranteed 5000 miles of flat proof riding. The Portal even excels in wet conditions with increased grip and also offers no stretching in the heat.

The Portal tires do come in different hardnesses so please be sure to make sure to consider how the hardness will affect your ride.