Tannus Semi-Slick

Tannus Semi-Slick

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 Diameter Widths Rim Width ETRTO
20" 1 1/8 13-15mm (28-451)
700 28C 14-16mm (28-622)


  • Includes 3 sets of locking installation pins and a S-Tool
  • Smaller size same great quality

Based off of the Slick, the Semi-Slick brings a more aggressive tread pattern to the table for touring and commuter class bikes while still maintaining the integrity provided by the Aither 1.1 puncture-proof compound of all Tannus tires. The Semi-Slick allows for better control on and off of the beaten path where many riders have been hesitant to go for fear of getting a flat tire for far too long been. With the Semi-Slick, you can feel confident in taking that path through the park, over the weathered wooden bridge, or down the gravel strewn lane without the worry of getting a flat tire or a tear in your tire. The most important aspect of cycling is confidence in your bike and with the Semi-Slick every road gains the ability to change from the road less traveled to the road of fearless exploration. With limitless capability becoming your reality, the only remaining question is if you can keep up.

The Tannus Semi Slick 700x 28c comes in 2 different and distinct hardnesses. The regular hardness is comparable to riding a conventional tire filled to around 100 psi and the hard version is comparable to riding a conventional tire filled to about  110 psi. The Semi Slick 20" only comes in a hardness comparable to a conventional tire filled to about 100 psi.