Tom Van Steenbergen

Red Bull Rampage athlete & Professional freerider.

"It gives me an extra bit of confidence that I’m not going to roll my tire in a tight corner or get a puncture on a rocky trail. It also makes riding in slippery conditions better if you want to run lower tire pressure."

Ryan "R-Dog" Howard

One of the most stylish riders on the planet, we're thrilled to work with R-dog.

"Holy S***, these things are amazing! Super rocky tracks and snappy berms and they’ve already saved me so many times."

Reece Wallace

2019 Redbull Rampage athlete, Reece is constantly putting out some of the craziest edits you'll see all year, while still working on being a Pilot.

"My hands have been thanking the inserts vibration damping as bike park can rattle them numb. Also a big relief to not sweat pinch flats anymore"

Kyle Norbraten

A mountain bike Legend, "Norbs" has competed in Rampage, stopped the rollerbladers from invading the Whistler Bike Park, and been robbed in front of thousands of spectators.

"I can bomb into chunder with confidence that my tires will stay inflated thanks to Tannus Armour inserts."

Luca Cometti

Luca is emerging as "Freeracer". He now adds front flips, backflips, 360's, suicide no-handers, and tons more in the middle of his race runs. 

"The added suspension damping is the best I have experienced out of any tire insert and is a noticeable difference on all trails. It is also the easiest tire insert to put on--I can install my downhill tires without any levers and it generally takes me less than 5 minutes."

Jaxson Riddle

Local boy Jaxson Riddle is the future. Don't know who he is? Go find out, he'll blow your mind. 

"I'm not worried about destroying my wheels because these things make impacts softer."

Kelend Hawks

Bellingham hero, Kelend is known for his insane and unique ride style that is best described as a "Wild Banjo" in the deep woods of Northern Washington. 

"Lap one was unreal -- so much traction. My first run I was running 10 psi front and rear but it was a little too slow off jumps so I went up to 20 in the rear and they feel crazy good."

Kyle Quesnal

Local Squamish rider, Kyle has a big dirt jump and pro dual slalom background. In his freetime he finds rock slabs in Squamish, and finds ways to try whats been done before but in a completely new fashion.

"Tannus gives me the confidence to send any terrain without hesitation"

sponsors won't let him say that he rides our stuff


Red Bull Rampage Winner. He's told us "I literally can't ride anything else. Tannus Armour is the only way I'll have my bikes set up from here on out".



A quick story: "I was racing in the TDS Enduro and hadn't put Armour in my Enduro bike yet. I flatted, and instead of trying to fix it, I ran to my DH bike, pulled the Armour out, and threw it in my enduro bike. 100% the rest of the day."

We can't say who this racer is, but you'd know him by the size of his whips and results at Enduro races.