Tannus Tube Recycling

Tannus Bicycle Tube
Recycling Program
FOR DEALERS ONLY! If you are not a dealer, please go to your local bike shop to request a recycle box.
Enough tubes are put in landfills each year to fill the Eiffel tower at least 7 times over.
Here's how it works:
  1. Request a Recycle Box
  2. One of our sales reps will drop one off - (If you submit an order with us, it will show up in a recycle box!)
  3. Fill it up with tubes! (Any tubes; sealant, valves etc are all ok)
  4. One of these two options:
    1. Ship it back to us! Easy and care free. We'll send you a new one when you get it back to us
    2. One of our sales reps will swing by and pick it up about once a month or so!
  5. Tannus pays to have it recycled! It isn't free, but we're trying to do our part.

Or email: sterling@tannusamerica.com to request a recycling box.