Tannus Wheel Set


Tannus tires are a 100% flat proof tire that ride very similar to pneumatic tires, with one difference and that is rolling resistance. Tannus tires have approximately a 5% greater rolling resistance over pneumatic tires which make them a great way to train. Do all your training with Tannus and then on race day switch to your favorite carbon rims and pneumatic tires. This is a similar training concept that baseball players use when they put weights on their bats, or when runners put weights on their ankles and do all their training this way. In addition with Tannus you get:

  • Never get punctures again
  • Ride longer distances
  • Spend more hours on the road
  • Train in all weather conditions
  • Waste less time prepping your bike
  • Leave tools and tubes at home
  • Only carry the essentials
  • Enjoy 5000 miles of worry-free riding

Lucy Charles, international triathlete

"Tannus Tires mean if you go out for a three-hour training ride, you know it will be a three hour-ride – without 30 minutes standing by the road, getting cold, fixing flats, and waiting for others to do the same."


You can buy Tannus tires and install them on your own rims or you can buy them setup and ready to go on some nice Mavic Aksium wheels.

Mavic Aksium Wheel Set
Purchase a preinstalled set of Tannus Tires.