Tannus Razorblade

Tannus Razorblade

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  • Includes 3 sets of locking installation pins and a S-Tool
  • Perfect for utility and hybrid bicycles

 Diameter Widths Suitable Rim Breadth Size
26" 1.75 17-20mm
Razor Blade

It’s common knowledge, especially here at Tannus America, that riding a bike makes people happy because it releases endorphins. However, at some point during this endorphin-fueled happiness high, bikes have a tendency to get flat tires. Sadly, when this happens these flat tires have a negative impact on the attitude of the riders everywhere and the smiles quickly fade away. With the Razor Blade from Tannus tires, there will only ever be endorphin-fueled smiles because the threat of a flat tire is non-existent through the use of patented Aither 1.1. By using this puncture proof tire, Tannus has found the guaranteed way to stay flat free and smiling for 5000 miles.

The Razor Blade is the best alternative for hybrid bikes and neighborhood cruisers alike because it holds up through all kinds of abuse. The heat of summer, moisture of spring, or cold of winter only make this tire more attractive because temperature and moisture don’t impact the performance of this tire, unlike standard air-filled tires. Another point of interest is the Blade’s tread pattern that provides tremendous traction in sand, snow, and on the road, while boasting a similar weight to a standard tire, tube, and wheel-strip combination. The Razor Blade will keep you rolling through any condition and allow for that endorphin-fueled smile all year round.

The Razorblade comes in 2 different and distinct hardnesses. The regular hardness is comparable to riding a conventional tire filled to around 60psi and the hard version is comparable to riding a conventional tire filled to about  70 psi.