LITE 27.5 x 1.95-2.1 (32mm) 45
700 x 33-45 (32mm) 50
PRO 27.5 x 2.1-2.6 140
29 x 2.1-2.6 155
FUSION 27.5 x 2.1-2.6 190
29 x 2.1-2.6 205


What is the purpose of the LITE, PRO, & FUSION?

Each of these tubeless tire inserts was designed with unique purposes including:
  • Rim Protection
  • Ride Flat Capabilities
  • Lowering PSI
  • Improving Traction and Comfort
  • Tire Bead Support

What is the difference between the Lite, Pro, Fusion?

LITE is the most minimal insert focusing on reduction in weight while still offering rim protection and bead support. It’s for that racer looking for more stability without the extra weight or that freerider looking for more front tire support.
PRO is similar to our original design with the exception of the inner ribbed channel. This allows for an easier install and reduction in weight. The Pro offers even more rim protection, traction and tire support than the LITE. This fits a wider spectrum of riders ranging from trail riders to downhill riders.
FUSION is our beefiest of inserts. With over 20mm? of rim protection you can tackle those drops, and rock gardens with confidence. The FUSION is the combination of the PRO and LITE and was designed with e-mtb and downhill riders alike.

How does the modular system work?

Most inserts offer one solution for most riding styles. The modular system allows you to adapt your inserts to your preference. So if you’re riding a smooth trail one day and then a gnarly DH trail the next day you can now modify your inserts to match your type of riding.

The LITE and PRO are stand alone products with each offering their unique advantages but if you’re looking something with even more support you can add them together to form the FUSION The ribs on the LITE and the PRO interlock into each other forming the fusion. Or you can also simply purchase a FUSION with the two already combined.

Do you have to run them in both tires?

Some people prefer to have extra protection in the rear tire for more aggressive impacts, and minimal protection up front since the front sees less impacts. Some people want all out rim protection on both front and rear. We designed this system of inserts so you can choose which levels of protection you want for your style of riding.

Can you take apart the FUSION to make the LITE and PRO.

Yes. You can also combine the LITE and PRO to make the Fusion. That being said you’ll need to make sure the sizes are the same. For example: a 27.5 LITE insert cannot combine with a 29” PRO to form a FUSION.

Do I add more sealant?

You will need to add more sealant. We recommend adding an additional 4ml-5ml of sealant from a standard tubeless system to ensure you have great coverage and puncture protection.

Does the sealant get soaked up?

Our inserts have been formulated so they don’t soak up sealant and keep your insert lasting much longer than the competition.

Can I ride with a flat?

This will depend on the specific insert you purchase. The PRO and FUSION were designed to run flat.

This will vary depending on which setup you decide to go with. The FUSION offers more confidence and still maintains greater speed. The PRO offers a medium ride-out so you can still ride-out, but will need to reduce your speed.

Do they stop flats?

They don’t stop 100% of flats. They are a performance enhancement that improve the ride and reduce flats and tire damage. However, sidewall cuts and punctures may still occur. The purpose of the sealant is to help clog and stop these punctures.

What do they feel like?

LITE - Just like its name this was designed to be nimble and light so riders don’t feel anything except some additional bead support and mild rim protection.

PRO - The dual air chamber and flex wings offer your rim and tire bead support without feeling like you’re running an insert. The insert flexes while riding so it maximizes that natural riding feel.

FUSION - If you’re running the FUSION it’s because you ride hard and you need that protection. You’re bashing rocking and so you need that support. You may feel a slight additional weight in your tires but a stability that will allow you to descend confidently.