Tannus Armour Sizes

20x1.75-1.95 20x1.0-1.5 190
20x1.95-2.5 20x1.5-1.95 220
20x3.0-4.0 20x2.5-3.0 380
20x4.1-4.8 20x3.5-4.0 390
24x1.95-2.5 24x1.5-1.95 270
24x3.0-4.0 24x2.5-3.0 480
26x1.6-1.9 26x1.1-1.5 260
26x1.95-2.5 26x1.5-1.95 300
26x2.6-3.0 26x1.9-2.3 330
26x4.0-4.8 26x3.0-4.0 550
27.5x1.95-2.5 27.5x1.5-1.95 310
27.5x2.6-3.0 27.5x1.9-2.3 330
29x1.95-2.5 29x1.5-1.95 320
29+x2.6-3.0 29x1.9-2.3 350
700x28-34c 700x18-23c 200
700x35-40c 700x23-28c 230
700x42-47c 700x28-32c 290

Answers to Questions

What is Tannus Armour?
Tannus Armour is an insert that sits underneath the tire and over the tube. It offers puncture resistance, comfort, and enhanced riding capabilities.

Tannus Armour is made of a patented material called Aither. It’s a high quality foam-like polymer that offers vibration damping, a smoother ride, and puncture resistance.

Why get Armour?
Without Tannus Armour, your inner tube is much more exposed to sharp objects and debris. Your rim can also be damaged from hard impacts. Tannus Armour protects both your inner tube and your rim.

Tannus Armour Specifications
Tannus Armour weighs between 190-500 grams depending on the size. It provides 13-15mm of protection at it's thickest point and 2-5mm of sidewall protection.

Armour and tubeless
We recommend not running the armour in a tubeless set-up. By using a tube you get improved puncture resistance and the full benefits of a smoother ride and no-hassle that you don’t get with tubeless.

We offer Tannus Armour Tubeless for tubeless set-ups. You can finding it by clicking here.

Can I ride flat on it?
One of the great features of the Tannus Armour is that if you get a flat during the ride you can ride a few miles without hurting your rim.* However, if you do get a flat please avoid rougher terrain.

*Does not apply to the follow sizes: 20x3.0-4.0, 20x4.1-4.8, and 26x4.0-4.8.

What PSI should I run:
Tire pressure is a personal preference depending on size of the rider and riding conditions. However, adding Tannus Armour does allow you to run lower pressure which gives better control, and comfort. We recommend starting out 5-10psi lower than what you normally ride and go up or down from there based on the ride feel you enjoy.

Does it compress after use?
The armour will compress some after it’s installed depending on the pressure of the tire. The higher the psi the more condensed the Armour will become. If you wish to keep the Armour as thick as possible then maintain a lower psi. You may also deflate your tire if you’re not going to be riding for a longer period. This allows the Armour to rebound back to its original size.

Are they for road riding?
While they were designed for mountain bikes and gravel bikes, they are great for your commuter and road bikes. They will help with the puncture resistance and overall comfort.