Tannus Shield

Tannus Shield

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  • Includes 3 sets of locking installation pins and a S-Tool
  • Great for road and hybrid bicycles

 Diameter Widths Suitable Rim Breadth Size Hardness Equivalents
16" 1.5 19-21mm 60 psi
18" 1.5 19-21mm 60 psi
20" 1.5 19-21mm

Hard- 70 psi

Regular- 60 psi

22" 1.5 19-21mm 60 psi
24" 1.5 19-21mm 60 psi
24" 1.75 17-20mm 60 psi
26" 1 3/8 18-20mm 75 psi
700 32C 18-20mm 75 psi
27" 1.25 18-20mm 75 psi
700 40C 19-21mm 65 psi
27" 1.5 19-21mm 65 psi



The Shield is the workhorse of Tannus puncture proof tires. Made with the Tannus patented  Aither 1.1 puncture-proof compound, this tire is the most versatile because it comes in the largest array of different sizes, making it good for most situations. The tread pattern is mildly-aggressive and provides traction on dirt with enhanced capability for on road conditions, however, the Shield does not shy away from gravel, curbs, or dirt roads. It is a general use tire that is guaranteed for 5,000 miles of whatever you can throw its way. It will not bend out of shape in the sun, the snow, or the sprinklers.

Parents and kids alike love this tire because it eliminates downtime of changing flats which is a factor that often deters families from getting out on their bikes.With the Tannus Shield, there is no limit to where you can go besides your imagination. Hit the road with Tannus Shield and take the peace of mind of a puncture proof ride. 

The Shield comes is a few different hardnesses depending on the size of your tire. Please be sure to consider what hardness you want in your search for the perfect Tannus tire.