The following materials are REQUIRED and must be submitted for review in order to be considered for a new account:
  • This application completed in its entirety and signed.
  • Dealer must have a brick and mortar store with a repair shop capable of installing tires and truing wheels.
  • State Retail Sales Tax Certicate is required. Note: By Law, a resale number DOES NOT meet this requirement. There are state specic laws that must beadhered by. If you are unsure of your state’s law, please contact Tannus Tires, LLC for assistance.
  • Copy of Current Certicate of Insurance (COI) for business
  • Failure to provide this information will delay the consideration of your account and any shipments.
Individual/Sole Proprietor    Partnership    LLC
Yes    No
Yes    No
Email    Mail
  • If your check is returned by the bank as NSF or uncollectible, a $30 service charge will be added to your account.
  • Tannus America, LLC reserves the right to change your account terms at any time without any prior notication.
  • Tannus America, LLC reserves the right to close an account for any reason, including failure to provide true and accurate information on this application.

Tannus Tires may not be sold on Ebay, Amazon, or similar sites. Tires cannot be advertised at less than retail price and must adhere to MAP pricing.

I have read the above terms and conditions and warrant that the foregoing information is true and correct.