The new slicks for my road bike were a bit of a workout to install, but sooooo worth it. They ride just like the old tires, only now I jump curbs and roll over glass with impunity. I'm an urban commuter, 10 mi each way every day. and getting a flat is a bad deal. No more lost time on the weekend changing tubes on my old road slicks. No more checking pressure before my ride. No more sad ride limping my bike home on the rim. And they came in red that matches my bike. I couldn't be happier. Your tires are the bomb-diggity! Thank you!!!


Wanted to sent you a note of appreciation and anticipation.

I have a personal trainer/friend who is a commuter. He does not even own a car. A few years ago, he had some financial issues when his father passed away, and ended up with no vehicle. He had done some riding with me prior to this, and as a youngster was a BMX rider. So I hooked him up with a Specialized Allez and a Specialized Hard Rock. He loved the road bike, mostly cause it was super fast, but it always had tire issues. (He is 5'6" and 230lb of pure muscle. Pinch flats happened almost every week.) So he would end up riding the Hard Rock. After repeated tube/tire replacements, and many minutes of tire support and tire training, he just never got the hang of proper air in the road bike. Actually, he didn't get the hang of the mountain bike either, but it never seemed to get pinch flats with the fat tires. So about 6 months ago, I started looking into options. I ended up selecting Tannus tires.

I received them and have mounted them up. The hardest part was pushing those little plastic clips in the tire, as there was some mold flashing in the middle. But I got them both mounted up in about 30 minutes, and they look great. I am doing a full service on his bike, and will be giving it to him when we meet again for a training session.

I will get back with you when we get a few weeks on these tires. But I am confident, they will be a great answer to our tire problem.

We went with white tires on his red bike, and it looks great! Can't wait to take it to him.