Tannus Armour Installation

Tannus Armour Installation Instructions

Printable Instructions

Inflate the tube slightly.
Install First Bead of Tire and Armour
Place one side of the tire over the bead of the rim. Insert one side of the Armour inside the tire and over the rim.
Insert Tube
Insert the tube valve through the rim valve hole. Place the tube inside the Tannus Armour. Make sure the Armour wings are not folded.
Mount Armour Onto Rim
Place the remaining exposed Armour flap over the rim under the bead.
Finish, Check, and Inflate
Secure the remaining side of the tire beading into the rim using a tire lever if needed.

Check that the tire has been installed correctly before inflating to the recommended PSI. Make sure the tire is not pinching the tube or the Armour between the tire bead and rim.

Armour Care and Performance Tips

Tannus Armour inserts can compress over time. Compression will vary depending on the rider’s weight, psi, and the riding environment. Here are a few tips for increasing the longevity and performance of Tannus Armour:

• Keeping your bike or Armour in a warmer area will help with uncompressing your Armour’s shape.

• Run your tires at a lower pressure to ensure maximum grip and performance.

• Running at a higher pressure will increase the chances of compressing the Armour.