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3 Ways Tire Inserts Enhance Your Ride

Tire inserts have been used for years to prevent flats and increase performance. Using advanced technology, Tannus has created inserts that not only enhance your ride but also redefine simplicity. Here are three ways tire inserts help you ride more and worry less:

1. Shock Absorption

Running a Tannus Insert allows you to run lower tire pressures while also protecting your rim from hard impacts. Lower tire pressures mean better small bump compliance and increased traction.

2. Sidewall support 

Tannus Inserts are designed to give additional support while cornering. The Flexible wing design adds stiffness to your sidewall so you avoid rolling your tire. 

3. The ability to run flat

We have all been in the situation where you flat in the middle of a long ride. On the off occasion that you do flat while running Tannus, you will have the reassurance that you won't have to hike out.

So whether you ride an E-bike, Commuter Bike, Gravel Bike, or Mountain bike, Tannus Tire inserts allow you to worry less about your bike more on your ride. Learn more about Tannus Inserts and how they can enhance your ride at

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