Tannus X Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Branson Kendall
At Tannus, we believe in making our beloved sport as accessible as possible to all communities. From mountains to road, our goal is to provide a worry free ride.
Wasatch Adaptive Sports is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 to provide recreational opportunities for children, adults, and veterans with adaptive needs. Since its inception, Wasatch Adaptive Sports has grown into several different sports and created numerous programs to promote independence in mobility.
With a warehouse full of trikes and bicycles, the nonprofit was going through hundreds of tubes a year. “Flats can be a real bummer, especially so when you're in a 3 wheeler and you can’t get out of your bike” said Project Coordinator, Jared Dangerfield. 
We partnered with Wasatch Adaptive to eliminate flats and keep their riders on the trails. 
Wasatch Adaptive Sports’ mission is to encourage individuals with adaptive needs to realize their potential and engage in active living through recreational programs. Learn more about Wasatch Adaptive and how you can support their mission: https://wasatchadaptivesports.org/
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