Bike Packing Cathedral Valley, Utah

Bike Packing Cathedral Valley, Utah
Branson Kendall

The Cathedral Valley loop is 70 miles of beautiful rock formations and landscapes. We ventured into this harsh, desert environment to test the All-New Tannus Gravel Tire Insert.
We chose Cathedral Valley as our testing ground for three important reasons: The Sand, The Distance, and The Rocky Descents. 
What we brought: Each rider brought nearly 6 liters of water, food for two days, repair kits, a tent, a sleeping bag, and a blow up sleeping mat. We tried our best to mount as much as we could to the gravel bikes and save our backpacks for water and food.
Day 1: We started our journey a couple miles out of Caineville, Utah. After a quick 6 mile ride along Utah State Route 24, we jumped onto a gravel road with a small river crossing. Once our feet were dried, we spent the next 6 hours grinding through sand and an aggressive headwind until we reached our campsite at the cathedral valley campground. We finished the first day with about 40 miles of riding and 3,000 feet of elevation gain under our belts.
Gravel Biking in Cathedral Valley
Day 2: We woke up around 6:30 am and quickly broke down camp. Our goal was to get as much riding done as possible before the temperatures soared. After leaving camp, we quickly started our descent into Cathedral Valley. As soon as we hit the valley floor we noticed the beautiful rock formations all around us. 
This trip was difficult, beautiful, and fun. At the end of the trip we had ridden a total of 70 miles with 4,500+ elevation gain. Running the Tannus Armour allowed us to run low tire pressures without worrying about flats or rim damage. 
This trip is a must for any bike packing enthusiasts.
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