The All-New Tannus Gravel Tire Insert

The All-New Tannus Gravel Tire Insert
Branson Kendall

The All-New Tannus Gravel Tire Insert

With all the same excellent features you have come to know from Tannus, the new gravel insert continues to push the limits of comfort, simplicity, and performance.

Through extensive testing, Tannus has developed an insert that solves some of gravel biking's most common problems. Rim Protection, Flat Prevention, Shock absorption, and sidewall support. 

Gravel Tire Insert

Rim Protection and Shock Absorption

Installing these inserts allows you to run at a lower tire pressure while also protecting your rims. Lower tire pressures mean better small bump compliance and increased traction.

Inserts for Gravel Tires

Flat Prevention

Tannus inserts prevent common types of flats like puncture or pinch flats. The tubeless version adds support to your tire that decreases your likelihood of flatting. The tubed version protects the tube from punctures and sharp corners. On the off occasion you do flat while using Tannus, you can run these inserts while flat and make it back to the trailhead.

Sidewall support

Tannus Inserts are designed to give additional support while cornering. The Flexible wing design adds stiffness to your sidewall so you avoid rolling your tire.

Tannus inserts are designed to help you ride more and worry less.

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